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Q0: Is prostitution legal in Bulgaria?
A0: Prostitution Status: Prostitution is illegal but tolerated. Bulgaria sexual attitudes are fairly liberal. Prostitution is rampant, especially in resort towns and seaports.

Q1: How I can find girl escort in Sofia?
A1: There are a lot of ways for you to find female sex escort in Sofia or other big cities:
- Try or
- The newspapers with advertisements (usually in Bulgarian language).
- Taxi drivers are actually a very good source of information and don't seem motivated by trying to rip-off visitors
- Some hotel staff
- Erotic clubs and bars
- some "dark" regions close to rail stations or city parks/gardens. For Sofia -"Luvov most" (Leon's bridge), Central rail station, some of small hotels at "Hristo Botev" blvd. and "Stochna gara"

Q2: What are the prices for sex and/or escort in Bulgaria?
A2: The prices for women escorts depend of type of service and club (or freelancer) you use. The prices start from 25-30BGL (about 13-15 euros) for cheapest street freelancers (usually Gypsies woman) per act or per hour and can reach to 1500 EUR per night for elite escort or sex service.

The prices of some agencies can be higher and depend from the period, the girl, the service, etc.
The standard average prices of Sex clubs in Sofia are:
- 20 - 50 BGL - full-body massage or/and oral sex
- 50 - 100 BGL per hour for standard sex
- 150 - 200 BGL per hour for not standard sex - anal, group, BDSM, etc.

Q3: Are there some traps in advertisments for sex or escort services in newspapers and magazines (callgirls)?
A3: Yes, but be careful - the GSM numbers starting with 1 after system operator code as 0881, 0891 and 0481 (when you are dailing outside Bulgaria - 00359 881, 00359 891 and 00359 481) are called "impulse numbers" and you will be extra (additionally) charged.

Q4: Where I can make sex with women from erotic and striptease clubs?
A4: Usually the strip clubs have some hidden rooms or there are cheap hotel near by! It is possible to ask for service in your own hotel room but you must make agreement with her boss - there will be additional price for this (do not pay in advance).

Q5: Are there traps when I am in striptease / erotic bars?
A5: Yes. Any of the dancing women will sit and have a drink with you but be careful with drinks you order. There are some drinks with very high prices (for example some "special" cocktails or bottles champagne). Of course there are a lot of drinks with normal prices.

Q6: Are there sex clubs in Bulgaria?
A6: Because the prostitution is illegal there are no places with name "Sex club" but there are a lot of cheap hotels and erotic clubs with this activities. In newspaper advertisements look for "erotic massage". You can find names and addresses of some sex clubs in Sofia and other big cities somewhere in next questions and answers.
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Q7: How many sex clubs there are in Sofia?
A7: There are approximately 90 clubs for prostitution in Sophia, the first of which opened as a massage parlor in 1992. (Simeon Simeonov, Sophia Police directorate, "Bulgaria sex club urges lawmakers to legalize prostitution," EDT, 12 September 1997)
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Q8: What is Bulgaria HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate?
A8: It is less than 0.1% - note - no country specific models provided (2001 est.)

Q9: Is homosexuality accepted in Bulgaria?
A9: No - homosexuality is not openly accepted. Bulgarians are no so tolerant to gays and lesbians.

Q10: Where I can buy condoms in Bulgaria?
A10: Condoms are widely distributed in pharmacies (drug-stores) but you can ask for it in large supermarkets (usually at pay-desk). In some hotels the condoms are provided to guests for free.

Q11: Can you give me the addresses of some erotic bars in Sofia?
A11: There are a lot of erotic and striptease bars in Sofia. Please visit:

Q12: Can I find bulgarian sex partner for free via the Internet?
A12: Yes. there are a lot of bulgarian and international dating sites about this! The biggest bulgarian dating site is (in bulgarian). See question #34 for URL`s of some Bulgarian escort sites.
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Q13: Are there Gay bars in Sofia?
A13: Yes. Follow the link more info for Gay map of Sofia! Some of the Gay clubs or clubs with Gay parties are:
-Chillout Cafe - 6 Baba Nedelia St, 9533504 - Gay parties every Thurday! Otherwise this is a gay friendly club with chillout music frequented by young open minded mixed crowd.
-Exit - 16 Lavele Str. +359 887 965026
-Flamingo - 208 Tsar Simeon Str.
-George - 17 Lavele Street, 981 71 11
-Spartacus - In the underground passage in front of the Sofia University (Vassil Levsky Blvd. - Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd) - The first gay disco in Bulgaria.
- Red B and B Red House, 15 Liuben Karavelov Str., +359 2 988 81 88 - Newly open Bed and Breakfast in Sofia city centre. Organizes bi-weekly Boys Night Parties for men only
and other...
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Q14: Are there Gay organizations in Bulgaria?
A14: Yes - Bulgarian Gay Organization Gemini is a membership ogranization established in 1992 and based in Sofia. Gemini works on equal opportunities of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. Gemini is actively involved in lobbying, advocacy and human rights protection activities.
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Q15: Are there Gay clubs in Varna and seaside resorts near?
A15: Yes - there are Gay places in the region of Varna:
- club Alexander - Cherno More Hotel, Cascade Complex, Kniaz Boris I Str
- Panorama Beach Club - Kabakum Beach, Varna, before Journalist bus stop - Every Thursday - gay parties
- Masai - Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasatsi) - The second floor is the gay meeting place.
- Momo Exterior Club - Varna Sea Garden - Open-air gay friendly disco

Q16: How sex agencies (or girls) calculate the Fee for the sex service?
A16: Usually the fee is per hour (or per act) and is for standard sex. There are additional fees for non-standard (anal, BDSM, groups, etc.). There are discounts for all nights or longer booking.

Q17: Names and addresses of sex clubs in Sofia?
A17: Sex clubs in Sofia:
Q18: Is there erotic bars or sex clubs in seaside resort Golden Sands!
A18: Yes. Some of them аре:
- erotic club Velvet (resort Golden Sands, near hotel Admiral - 00359 / (0)898 470 552)
- The Playboy Club
- Crazy Nights
- Red and Blue Erotic Bar
- Go Go Bar
- Nigh club Magura
- Veliko Turnovo erotic bar

Q19: Names and addresses of erotic clubs and striptease bars in Varna?
A19: Some of most popular erotic clubs in Varna are:
- Peep Show Bar - Maria Luiza Blvd.,phone: +359 (0)52 607 736
- Playboy Bar - 57B Osmi Primorski Polk Bvld., phone: +359 (0)52 610 939
- Famoso Club - #21 Drazki str., phone: +359 (0)52 632 361
- Erotic Bar Elegant
- Strip-tease bar Dalila, #7 Radko Dimitriev str.
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Q20: Names and addresses of sex clubs in Varna?
A20: Some of sex clubs in Varna are:
- Hard Erotic Club - 79 Slivnitsa Blvd., phone: +359 / (0)887 799566
- Interclub Fresh - 123 Macedonia Str. phone: +359 (0)52 / 626373, +359 / (0) 899 756182
- Interclub Lilly - 145 Slivnitsa Blvd., phone: +359 (0)52 / 616106, +359 / (0)888 758279
- Sex Club Maya - 6 Stefan Stambolov Str., mobile: +359 / (0) 888 229354
- Sex club Ely - +359 (0)52 604969

Q21: Can you give me the addresses of some erotic bars in seaside resort Sunny Beach?
A21: Some of erotic bars and erotic clubs are:
- Erotic bar "Place Pigalle" - Sunny Beach, next to hotel KUBAN , mobile 0899-81-82-16
- Striptease bar "Relax" - Sunny Beach, Hotel ASTORIA , phone. 0554-2-30-52 , mobile:+359-(0)888-519-856
- Erotic club "Golden Apple" - Sunny Beach, next to Hotel EVRICA BEACH , mobile 0888-319-539
- Erotic bar "Lido" - Sunny Beach, Complex NEPTUN , mobile 0888-125-762 , mobile 0888-001-219

Q22: Are the erotic clubs in ski resort Bansko?
A22: Yes. Some of erotic bars are:
- Erotic bar "Place Pigalle" - Bansko, 90,Pirin Str. , mobile 0899-81-82-16 , mobile 0899-11-00-79 , mobile 0897-220-695 , mobile 0899-165-062
- Erotic club "Black Rose" - Bansko, 4, Vazrazhdane Square, next to "BUDDAH BAR" , mobile :+359-899-80-70-18

Q23: Are the erotic clubs in ski resort Borovets?
A23: Yes:
- Erotic bar "Place Pigalle" - Borovetz, main road, next to hotel Samokov , mobile 0899-11-00-79 , mobile 0899-16-50-62
- Club Go-Go Girls near Rila and Alpin hotel

Q24: Are there prostitutes at seaside resorts Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Albena and how I can recognize them?
A24: Yes. There are quite a few prostitutes to be found at the beach resorts. You will recognize them, they look like stereotype prostitutes! At night they will also chat you up and ask if you are "looking for company for the night".

Q25: How I can find sex escort in Bourgas?
A25: There are few options to find an escort in Bourgass:
- At the Seaman's Club, accross the railway station's garden, there are about 15 girls. There's also a strip-dance area and rooms on the 2nd floor.
- a 2nd club across this one, 100m from the harbour entrance, offers more night-club-like feeling, with dancing girls, separate tables etc. Lady's cocktail goes at €5, your drinks at €3-5 and if you don't like the dark male audience you simply choose a girl and go away with her. They have rooms in an apartment about 10min drive from the club.
- buy local newspaper "Alo Burgas". You find 5-6 "Massage Club" ads with lady pictures and phone numbers. Be careful with numbers starting with 08881, 08871, etc. because numbers with last digit 1 in operator code have additional tax and you will be extra charged for the call.

Q26: Are there Gay bars in Plovdiv?
A26: Yes.
- Mix club Incognito - 122 Maritza Boulevard (between Old Bath house and the International Plovdiv Fair, near the Maritsa river bridge). Phone +359 888 13 50 40. Every day different music - e.g. Evergreen party, Sky party, Retro party, Elegant party, Erotic show. Open daily 10 pm until 6 am.
- Gay bar Caligula - 30 Alexander Batenberg Street, 4000 Plovdiv, Phone: +359 32/ 62 6867, Open daily 11 pm until 8 am. Show performances every night at 1 am, 3 am and 5 am. Gay bar and dance club. At the main walking street in the center of Plovdiv near the McDonalds. Air condition. Good sound system, MTV-style and Bulgarian music.

Q27: Are there erotic clubs and sex bars in Sozopol?
A27: At 3 km south from Sozopol, close to portal for campsite Kavatzite, is located striptease bar Eldorado.

Q28: Are there erotic clubs in town of Stara Zagora?
A28: Yes. Try these:
- Night bar Eros - Stara Zagora, #9 Armeyska str.; Tel. +359 (0)42 624477, working time: 22:00 - 04:00
- Hotel Kalina

Q29: Are there Striptease clubs in town of Rousse?
A29: Yes.
- Striptease Club Moulin Rouge - #5 Han Kubrat Sq. underfloor; Tel.: +359 (0)82 227790
- Striptease Club Odisey
If you look for sex - you can find girls close to Dunube Bridge (Bulgarian - Romanian border) - usually they are cheap low quality street-walkers. Try Hotel Avko Relax for erotic massage and sex escorts.

Q30: Are the erotic bars in Plovdiv?
A30: Yes.
Erotic bar Moulin Rouge
Erotic bar Peak - 00359 (0)32 640441 (Hristo Smirnenski area).

Q31: Names of Sex Clubs in Bourgas?
A31: Some of sex clubs are:
- Sex Club Venera
- Massage Saloon Kleopatra
- Massage Saloon Mesalina
- Massage Saloon Kaligula
- Massage Saloon Seemans Club

Q32: Are there dating agenciy in Varna that can propose me lady for marriage, serious friendship or discrete relationships in Bulgaria?
A32: Yes. Try this:
- Venera Agency - Varna 9000, Bulgaria p.o. Box 589 tel:+00359889 232 291 +00359889 89 60 03
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Q33: Are there erotic bars and sex clubs in Pleven?
A33: Yes. Try these:
- Club Monika, Doyran str, Pleven 5800, +359 (0)8788 307834, +359 (0)64 410979
- Hotel Rostov Na Don - Loby Bar and
Cafe Savena - there you can contact the girls from the bar
- Club Anaconda, building of old Moskva Cinema, +359 (0)888 928658; (0)885 162676 - erotic show every Wednesday

Q34: Where I can find advertisments for Bulgarian escort over the Internet?
A34: There are a lot of free and paid online resources where you can find sex advertisments (with photos) for female and boy escorts, clubs, erotic bars, etc. Some of sites are:
- (in Bulgarian only)
- (in Bulgarian only)
- - Sofia Swingers Club (in Bulgarian only)

Q35: Are there nudist beaches at Bulgarian seaside?
A35: There are quite a few nudist beaches at the Bulgarian seaside. Some of there:
- between Albena and Kranevo - after Gergana Hotel in Albena
- Golden Sands resort - after the yacht port in front of Glarus Hotel
- Kamchia - here lies the widest nudist beach on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. Famous nudist destination
- Bourgass - north of the town after the Burgas Hotel, direction Nessebur (New Town) near the saltpan of Bourgas.
- Sozopol - south of Harmanite beach

Q36: How much per hour/per day do Bulgarian prostitutes charge?
A36: Average price per hour for standard sex is about 50-60 BGL (it is include oral or/and massage). For non-standard sex (anal, BDSM, groups) there are additional fee. For entire day there are discounts - it is subject of conversation.

Q37: Are there sex clubs in Gabrovo?
A37: We do not know but - try to find girl escort near the hotel Balkan!

Q38: How much is one hour BDSM and `golden showers` service? Where I can find lady for this in Sofia.
A38: An hour BDSM session will cost you about EUR 150. Look URL in more info for contact with lady that provide this kind of sex.
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Q39: What is the adult age in Bulgaria?
A39: Adult (the full legal age) is over 18.

Q40: Are there gay hotels in Sofia.
A40: There are gay-friendly hotels in Sofia. Full gay-oriented hotel is Scottys Hotel (1st district, Ekzarh Iosif Street). All staff at Scotty's is gay. At the reception you can get info and assistance whenever you need it. Scotty's is straight friendly, but most guests are gay and lesbian. You can have your own guests at day and night without extra charges; your guests needs to get registered at the reception.

Q41: Is the Gay sex legalized in Bulgaria?
A41: Gay sex between adults (over 18) is legalized from 1951 but this relations are still not toleranted from the mass.

Q42: Are there Bulgarian Lesbian sites?
A42: Yes. Some of they are:
- Bulgarian Gay and Lesbian Organization Gemini

Q43: Are there Bulgarian Gay Guide sites and sites for gay escort in Bulgaria?
A43: Yes. Some of they are:
- Bulgarian Gay and Lesbian Organization Gemini

Q44: What are the statistcs for HIV/AIDS infection in Bulgaria?
A44: To the November 2004 - 539 persons are officially registered at the Ministry of Health as being HIV-positive, of whom 122 are declared as having AIDS.
About 69% of the infected people are men and 31% - women.
About 71% of the HIV-positive people are between the ages of 20 and 29. A very worrying fact is that the most affected age group is between 20 and 29 – about 40% of all newly registered HIV-positive persons.

Q45: Are there strip bars in Velingrad?
A45: Not exactly striptease bar but there are erotic dances in night club of hotel Rich in the center of the town - #500, Saedinenie blvd.

Q46: How to find girl sex escort in town of Sandanski?
A46: It is easy to find sex escort because the Bulgarian - Greek border in Sandanski. Most of the small hotels (try hotel Blaji, hotel Eros or hotel Europass) in town of Sandanski are brothels and offers rooms per hour (for sex) - just ask the hotel staff or taxi drivers for girls. Not all of available girls are in the hotels but they are located near by and work as call-girls if there is client asking for sex escort. Other possibility is on highway Sofia - Kulata - motel Drag Dalas (TIR parking, 10 km before Sandanski). If you want to meet prostitutes - you can also go to Greek market or to cafe Karabineri (Carabineers). The rates in Sandanski are a bit higher than in other towns in region (for example near Smolian and Pazardjik) because the mass (sex)tourism from Greece villages near by.

47: Where I can find prostitutes in Svilengrad?
A47: Because the town is near by Bulgarian - Turkey border there are a lot of prostitutes in Svilengrad hotels and at the highway to Capitan Andreevo check-point (try motel Capiatn Andreevo or hotel Galaxy).
If you look for Erotic bar in Svilengrad - Sex Bar Aly Baba

Q48: How can I get in contact with Bulgarian girls interested in having a fun (or/and stable) relationship via Internet?
A48: There are a lot of Free Dating Sites in Internet where you can meet girls from Bulgaria. If you look for Bulgarian site - most of them are in Bulgarian Language only. Free Bulgarian dating sites in English language I know only these:

Dating Bulgaria SLADURANA - (adj.) means a very cute person in Bulgarian

Q49: Where I can find Man Strip-tease show in Sofia?
A49: In Sofia there are some man formations that provide strip shows for ladies but most of them are guest artist and you must check their programs to find the place where they have a tour in this moment. Some of the groups Man erotic Show (show for women) are:
- Maximus - male erotic show. For contacts: Tel. +359 (0)2 8625195
- Sekulstrip - man striptease show. For contacts: Tel: +359 (0)897 915140

Q50: How many prostitutes there are in Bulgaria?
A50: Because the prostitution is still illegal there is no official statistics. By one article in Plovdiv newspaper Maritsa, Nov. 2002 (based on pronouncement of Svetlozar Georgiev - expert from NSBOP - national service fighting with organized criminals), in 2002 the number of prostitutes in Bulgaria is 1063 . This number was reported after the police action "Mirage" in 2002 when there was counting of girls from more than 7000 places where sex escort can be found - erotic bars, massage saloons, highways, night bars, clubs for escorts, discko clubs, hotels, etc.

Q51: Are there erotic clubs and sex bars in ski resort Pamporovo?
A51: Yes. There are striptease bars in ski resort Pamporovo where you can ask for sex escort. You can visit Erotic Show Bar Diva in hotel Murgavets.

Q52: Are there erotic bars in town of Haskovo?
A52: Yes there is Playboy bar in town of Haskovo.

Q53: What hotels in Razgrad offers (or allow) girl escort?
A53: There is no problem to call girl in most of the hotels in town of Razgrad but try Hotel Aktsent.

Q54: What hotel with sex escort I can use in Pamporovo?
A54: Hotel Murgavets. There is erotic bar too!

Q55: Where I can find sex services in town of Turgovishte?
A55: Try complex White Horse (5 km from the town) or complex Rai (Paradise)

Q56: In which hotels I can use call girls in Plovdiv?
A56: Try camping Trakia, camping Chaya, motel 9th Kilometer, motel Autogril

Q57: Where In Haskovo I can use call girls?
A57: There are a lot of hotels in Khaskovo where you can ask discrete for sex escort. Try motel Klokotnitsa.

Q58: Are there hotels with girsl sex escort in town of Harmanli?
A58: Try motel Ralitsa!

Q59: Where I can receive sex in town of Pazardjik?
A59: Near the town of Pazardzhik is situated motel Kalugerovo where you can use sex services. Ask motel staff or taxi drivers near the motel for call girls and they will offer.

Q60: Is there any erotic sex club in city of Veliko Turnovo? Where I can find girls for sex there?
A60: We have no information about striptease bars and sex clubs in Veliko Turnovo, t you can find sex escort from advertisements in regional newspapers or asking a taxi driver. Try also hotel Neptun.

Q61: Where I can buy lubricants for most convenient sex?
A61: Lubricants are available only at sex or erotic shops.

Q62: Where I can find girls for sex escort in Shoumen?
A62: Try complex Bohemia in quarter Divdyadovo!

Q63: Are there any adult swinging clubs in Bulgaria for couples?
A63: The swinging is still no so popular in Bulgaria but there are clubs and organizations in some big cities.
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Q64: Can i buy Viagra over the counter in Sofia?
A64: Yes. You can buy Viagra from most of bigger pharmacies.

Q65: Is there any sex club in Nessebar?
A65: No, there isnt`t. Nessebur is small town with a lot of tourists (in the summer) but there isn`t sex-clubs and erotic bars. Because there are a lot of hotels in Nessebar and the town borders sea resort Sunny Beach you can find sex escort very easy (ask the hotel staff) or just go to Sunny Beach!

Q66: Are there sex and erotic newspapers and magazines on the market in Bulgaria?
A66: Yes. Most of world well-known publication are on Bulgarian market too. Most popular of them with Bulgarian versions are Playboy, FHM and Maxim.

Q67: Are there adult TV channels in Bulgaria? Are they paid?
A67: In different cities you can watch different adult (sex) channels as XXL, Playboy TV, Spice Platinum, TV 1000 and more (usually evening after 12:00 am). Most of cable operators broadcast these channels illegal and you don`t have to pay additional fee (only standard monthly fee for subscription to cable TV). In some hotels there are Pay Per View systems and you will be charged for some sex channels (as Spice Extreme, Climax 1, 2 and 3, etc) additionally.

Q68: Are there sex cinemas in Bulgaria?
A68: No. There aren`'t public sex cinemas.

Q69: Where I can rent sex movie (VHS or DVD)?
A69: You can find service "rent a movie" in each of Bulgarian cities. Most of them have adult section too.

70: Is there any sex shop in Varna?
A70: - Sex shop Neron (#13, Preslav str., Varna)
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Q71: Is there any sex shop in Blagoevgrad?
A71: - Sex shop (#24, Dame Gruev str., Blagoevgrad)
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Q72: Is there any sex shop in Bourgas?
A72: - Sex shop Hermes (#37, Kiril and Metodiy str, Burgas)
- 3W Sex shop (#40, Morska str, Bourgas)
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Q73: Is there any sex shop in Dobrich?
A73: - Sex shop Coupidon (old town, near the pawnshops, Dobrich)
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Q74: Is there any sex shop in Plovdiv?
A74: - Sex shop Amour(#46, Avksentiy Veleshki, Plovdiv)
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Q75: Is there any sex shop in Pazardzhik?
A75: - Sex shop Venera(#208, Tzar Shishman str., Pazardjik)
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Q76: Is there any sex shop in Sofia?
A76: - Sex shop - #10, Solunska str., Sofia
- Sex shop - #8 Pirostka str., Sofia
- Sex shop Flamingo center - #208, Tsar Simeon str., Sofia
- Erotic center Venera - #61, Pirotska str., Sofia
- Amigo sex shop - #1a, Hristo Botev blvd, Sofia

Q77: Is there any Bulgarian online sex shop?
A77: Yes. There are plenty of online Bulgarian sex shops:
and more

Q78: Is there swingers club in city of Varna?
A78: Yes, there is Internet based swingers club - They admitting couples who apply each time and who the panel select based on photo's received.
You can conatct them at or +359 896 446687
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Q79: Is it illegal to make sex (fuck) at nudist beaches in Bulgaria?
A79: By the Bulgarian low sex is forbidden at public places (you will be arrested for small hooliganism) but in most cases nudists don't obey the low and make sex somewhere behind the dunes.

Q80: Are there different prices for sex and/or escort in every season in Bulgaria?
A80: No. The prices are rising from time to time but this don`t depends exactly on season. In same way there are some discounts and promotions.

Q81: Are there any gay bars, clubs, discos in Bulgarian resort Sunny Beach?
A81: Yes. Try Mix club "Next" under Golden Apple erotic club. Working time: 22:00 - 05:00. For contacts: 00359 (0)888 140133

Q82: Where can I find girls between Serbian border and Sofia?
A82: There are a lot of prostitutes at Sofia ring road.

Q83: Are there prostitutes working in Varna itself and if so where abouts?
A83: Yes. There are girls working for their selfs but it is no easy to contact them. You must watch ads in newspapers. You can contact prostitutes in areas of Central Bus Station or at old road Varna - Devnya to Sofia (no highway - old road).

Q84: Is the price of women from erotic and striptease clubs, higher than another girls? How much is normal price of this women and charge of hidden rooms?
A84: Yes - the price is little higher than when you call girls to your hotel room (but then you pay for the room). Price of the girls depends on the level of the club but in Sofia it is about 100 - 120 BGN (50-60 EUR) for no so luxury striptease clubs (hidden rooms is included there)

Q85: Where is the best place to find "independent" girls for sex in Sofia? How much do "independent" girls cost?
A85: I am not sure you can find totally independent sex escort (in most cases girls they have pimps - exclude gypsies near the "Luvov most" or Sofia ring road.
I think it is possible only if you understand Bulgarian language - you can find ads in some newspapers. There are students and other young ladies advertise in this newspapers (but not all of ads are really from independent girls)!
The prices start from 50 BGN and depend on service.
Also see

Q86: Is there still kids prostitution in Bulgaria?
A86: We hope there isn`t but it is not sure. There is still very pure roma (gypsy) families and I think it is real situation for them 12-15 aged girls to be used for prostitution. There was scandal before several years (may be 2004 or 2005) with one TV reportage (made with hidden cam) where pimps from one village near Greek border offer 13-14 aged girls as prostitutes!

87: Where I can find girls for sex escort in Sliven?
A87: We do not know for sex clubs in Sliven (please contact us if you know any). You can find gypsy girls that provide sex services near the central market-place, Sliven ring road and TIR parkings near the villages of Bogdanovo and Asenovets.

Q88: Are there places in (near) the town of Sliven where I can make gay contacts?
A88: There are a lot of transsexuals
in the region of Mineral baths who offer sex services.

Q89: Where I can find sex escort in Petrich?
A89: Everywhere. Because town of Petrich is situated near the Bulgarian - Greek border there are a lot of prostitution. The region of Petrich, Kulata and Sandanski and villages near are used as cheap sex destination from lots of Greek men. You can find girls for sex in most of motels and low quilted (one or two stars) hotels in the town or near the TIR parkings.

90: Can I find Bulgarian girls for sex from Internet Dating Sites? Are the Bulgarian Dating sites paid?
A90: Yes. There are a lot of sites (see link in more info) where you can find Bulgarian Girls. Most of the Bulgarian adult dating sites are free. They don’ require credit cards or any other kinds of payment. If you want to chat with Bulgarian girls you should first contact them through the Dating Sites and then to exchange emails or ICQ numbers for further communication.
Some of the free online dating Services in Bulgaria offer a rating system that helps you to express your opinion about any Bulgarian girl which is registered in the dating website. You can also see which girls voted for you and what vote they gave you!
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Q91: Are there erotic bars/clubs in Blagoevgrad where I can find girl for sex escort?
A91: We do not have any information but we are interested to find out.

Q92: Are there transexual escort in Varna?
A92: We do not know with certainty but you can try to find transexuals in the Varna Gay clubs!

Q93: Where in Sophia I could find the girl doing footjob and foot fetish? Are there foot fetish club in Bulgaria?
A93: We know (from Internet) only this lady mrs Linda. She is from Sofia. The price from her site for foot fetish/foot job is 80 BGN (EUR 40) per hour. We don`t heard yet for this kind of club in Bulgaria.

Q94: If i'm staying in a good hotel (four or five stars) how possible is to find a girl for sex in the hotel bar/casino or through the hotel? Do the hotels offer "under the table" this services? How much are the rates per hour?
A94: Yes - you can get sex services in elite hotels too. Most of them allows unofficial sex escorts in their rooms. Ask porter, barman, waiter or somebody from the security of the casino/hotel! The price vary but in good hotel will be more than standard - may be in range 75-100 EUR per hour!

Q95: Are there erotic bars in region of Pirdop, Zlatitsa, Chelopech? Is it possible to get sex services there?
A95: There is erotic night bar in town of Pirdop located in hotel Borovo Gora ****. You can ask the personal of the bar for the sex services from the girls (erotic dancers).

Q96: Could you tell me some useful phrases in Bulgarian language when I am on date with girl?
A96: I love you - "Obicham te";
You are a Beautiful girl - "Ti si prekrasno momiche";
You are a Beautiful women - "Ti si prekrasna zhena";
Thank you - "Blagodarya ti";
I miss you - "Lipswash mi";
Will you marry me - "Shte se omajish li za men" (if you ask a women) or "shte se ozhenish li za men" (if you ask a man);
Follow me, please - "Posledvayte me, molya"
Kiss me - "Tseluni me"
I want to kiss you - "Iskam da te tseluna"
I want to fuck you - "Iskam da te chukam" (this is rudely sentence and may be better is "Iskam da pravya sex sas teb" that means I want to make sex with you)

Q97: Could you tell me some Bulgarian phrases I can use when I am with prostitute?
A97: Come with me in my room! - "Ela s men w stayata mi"
I want sex - "Iskam sex"
I want to fuck you - "Iskam da te chukam"
Make me oral sex - "Napravi mi svirka"
I want to fuck you in your ass - "Iskam da te chukam w dupeto"
It was great sex - "Sexat beshe strahoten"
How much is for 1 hour? - "Kolko struva za edin chas?"
Do you have a condom? - "Imash li prezervativ?"
Come on baby - "Haide baby"
Ride me baby! - "Yahni me baby"

Q98: What do you advise for Bulgarian cities if you compare the prices for sex, fun and financial?
A98: Doubtless the right place is capital city of Sofia! The best night life and the best prices for sex escort in Bulgaria are in Sofia - there are a lot of erotic bars and sex clubs and you can find all kind of fun.

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