American Soccer Basics

American Soccer

To Americans the sport is referred to as soccer, while the rest of the world calls it by the proper name, football. Unlike other sports, soccer is a sports  where the rules and regulations are referred to as laws and are followed very seriously. Penalties are taken very seriously, and fans are so enthusiastic and fiercely loyal, that riots are not uncommon after major games. The following is a brief guide to understanding the basics of American soccer, such as the field setup and basic regulations.

Basics of the Soccer Field

While the world refers to the playing area as the pitch, in American it is called the soccer field. Unlike the international rules which do not flex, the dimensions of the field in soccer use a loose set of guidelines. The length of the field can range between 100 and 130 yards, while the width can vary between 50 and 100 yards. This is done mainly to adjust the field for different age groups, or space available. One thing that does not change in soccer about the field is the boxes for the goal and penalty lines. There are two boxes at either side of the field that are set at the 6 and 18 yard mark. The Live Togel goal itself is set inside and 8 foot by 8 foot frame.

Timekeeping in Soccer

The base amount of time a game will carry on for is 90 minutes. That is only if there is no stoppage. Unlike other American sports, the timer for the game is not stopped during plays and penalties. However, the refer can add what is called stoppage time at the end of the game. This is usually done as the result of injuries, fouls, and other plays as the refer feels merit stoppage. The extension cause by stoppage does not tend to exceed more than ten minutes. Though it all depends on how the game plays out. The only time playing stops during the game is when the referee blows the whistle.

Referees in Soccer

In America, there is typically a single referee to control both the whistle, cards, and sidelines. In International football the job is divided among two or more referees who focus on a single area. Cards are the penalties used in soccer, there are red and yellow cards, with yellows being a caution that can lead to a player being taken off the field, whereas a red is an automatic dismissal from the field.

Soccer Benefits

Soccer Benefits

“Can I benefit from playing soccer”? The short answer is yes. A longer version of that answer will reveal that if you want something that covers all the bases, in terms of mental and physical health benefits, soccer is a sport that is well worth taking seriously.

Even if you’re just passing the ball back and forth with a friend or two, you’re still giving yourself a tremendous mental and physical workout. Soccer requires almost constant movement, making it one of the best cardiovascular exercises imaginable. You’re pushing your body, lowering blood pressure, and utilizing the muscles throughout your body. Naturally, your legs are the things that are going to get the best workout of all.

And if you’re playing a real game of soccer, as in a game with a complete roster of players to make up two opposing sides, you’re enjoying some mental benefits, as well. The benefits of team sports have been widely documented again and again, and very few sports demand as much teamwork as a game of soccer will. You’re thinking quickly, in order to react to what your opponents are doing. At the same time, you also have to keep an eye out for what your teammates are up to. Combine all of this with the physical demands of the game, and you’re looking at something that is definitely going to push you to the limit.

And it will be a good kind of pushing. If you hope to lose weight from the team sport you’ve chosen, you’re going to love what soccer offers on that front, as well.

Overall, you can clearly see that the benefits make for an impressive list indeed.


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